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Petros Douvantzis

Petros loves coding and messing around with low level libraries and technologies. He has an eye for usability and design and you will usually find him flying his quadcopter out in the open.

Stelios Petrakis

Stelios is a software developer with over six years of experience in the field. He has a passion for mobile & web applications and loves everything game-related. Seriously, talk to him about videogames, he will love you.

Stelios Photo
EWD Photo

The Dog

Not much is known of our mysterious mascot other than he loves standing on windows, preferably in the night wearing a suit.
I know, weird, right?

Our culture

Make something people want

We don't create products that we won't use. We release applications & services that will serve our needs & be beneficial to many others as well.

Passion over Profit

Our aim is not to create products just for the shake of making money; there are already a lot of fart apps out there serving exactly this purpose. Our goal is to follow our passion, make services, tools & experiences that users will love.

Quality over Quantity

We create simple, clean, easy to use & understand interfaces that utilise the latest technologies. We strive for quality and we never ship half baked products. If you see the Evil Window Dog seal on them, you know they are top-notch quality.